Duration of FRA

Any useful input here? I’m hearing maturity to effective date/365, effective to current date/365… Very confused.

I’ll tell you if you can’t figure it out - At termination, the value of the FRA is V = [(r - fixed rate)*fraction of year]/(1+ r*Fraction of year) and r here is some forward reference rate. That means the value of the FRA now is V*Exp(-r1* t) where r1 is the rate from now until termination of the FRA. But duration is all about parallel shifts in interest rates so a change in r is the same as a change in r1. So now you need to calculate dV/dr and you’re rolling…

Er thanks!

Did you get it?

Any easy-to-understand answer?

Hi there. I’m a bit stuck on the calculation - probably missing a term or a substitution somewhere. Does anyone happen to have any workings?