Duty of confidentiality and the law-A conflict?

The following question was discovered when searching the Net.Does anyone know if it is from CFA or one of the “providers”?

Look at the question -and see the answer-there is a clear conlfict between what would be required by the law-Comments?



(http://www.mycfaspace.com/index.php/forum/41-ethical-and-standards-level-3/4621-re-2012-l3-ethical-and-professional-standards-session-1-reading-2-sample/post?do=quote “Quote”) Re: [2012 L3] Ethical and Professional Standards 【Session 1 - Reading 2】Sample 24 Apr 2012 09:50#4622

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Georgia Jones, CFA, is an analyst for Johnson, Thomas & Co. She also serves as an outside director for Dewey Manufacturing, Inc. In the course of her duties, she begins to believe that Dewey’s income statement for the most recent period may have been misstated. Georgia should do all of the following EXCEPT: A) consult with Dewey Manufacturing’s legal counsel. B) inform the Securities and Exchange Commission. C) consult with Johnson, Thomas’ legal counsel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B Jones must pursue her concerns about a possible misstatement, because, if material, it may be misleading to investors. Consistent with Standard I(A), Jones must not knowingly participate or assist in a regulatory violation. As long as her concerns exist, she must not validate any financial statements by voting to approve them. In addition she should seek competent legal counsel both at her own firm and at Dewey Manufacturing. She should not go to regulatory bodies until she has more certainty about the possible misstatement and has received counsel that she should proceed.