E.O.C question 21 for Reading 41 in CFAI curriculum

I’m having trouble solving this question. I don’t know where they are getting the market index return of 2.5% from. In the solution it just says 2.1% - 2.5 = -0.4% but dosn’t explain where 2.5% came form WTH!?!?

look at errata.

Ah . . . the old look at the errata ploy.

I vaguely remember looking this up in the errata . They missed printing a column of data o something

there was a column missed which contained this data required…

on the problem page.

Wow thanks so much!!! I took the day off yesterday and just crashed after work. I spent 30 mins trying to derive that number and finally just gave up. Silly me to think that whatever CFAI writes is perfect scripture