Early finishers: How did you do?

In the morning session, I finished with only 10 minutes to spare. In the afternoon session, I finished with only 15 minutes to spare. Believe it or not, I was faster on the real exam than I was on the CFAI mock exam I took 2 weeks before (ran short on time and only got 67% on) and on the Boston Society Mock exam I took 1 week before (lots time pressure but didn’t run short and got 71% on). I felt I did somewhat better on the real exam than I did on the Boston Society mock exam and was pleasantly surprised to find I got >70% on everything. For me, taking the entire three hours for both sessions clearly paid off, as did beefing up on all my weak points during those last 2 weeks. Only a few other candidates stayed until the end like I did. An overwhelming majority left before the half-hour-to-go early departure deadline, and a large number were gone before the last hour. I was astounded that so many people left early. The only three good reasons I can think of for leaving early are knowing everything so well that the exam is a complete breeze (not me), being so clueless on large parts of the exam that you can only make random guesses (thankfully not me), or becoming violently ill (even more thankfully not me)… So for those of you who finished early, how did you do? If my theory were right, the early finishers did extremely well or extremely poorly. However, reality doesn’t seem to care about my theory.

I passed and left with about an hour and 15 left in the AM and about an hour left in the PM.

It took me an hour and 40 minutes in the morning, and an hour and a half in the afternoon. I scored 70+ in all sections, and I feel like I scored in the high 80’s, low 90’s on both. Ambitious perhaps, but I felt great after both exams.

It took me about 1 hr and 30 mins for morning and afternoon sessions. Afternoon was much easier and I had lots of time left. Scored >70 in all sections.

AM:1 hr 30 mins PM: 1 hr 45 mins This is the time I finished in. However, I rechecked all the questions multiple times before leaving. >70 in all sections

AM:2 hr 30 mins PM: 2 hr 30 mins >70 in all sections except corporate finance 50-70

I think this is one place where the 3 vs 4 options may make some difference. You need less time to find the correct answer or rid over all the answers available.

finished with an hourish to spare in each section. Crushed it.

I finished with an hour to spare for both sections and thought, well either this paper was really easy or I’m going to do really badly. I checked both papers thoroughly, and the ones I knew I was confident I got right, the ones I didn’t know I was hoping luck would pull me through. Well, I failed. Band 10. Ethics, Quant, Econ were a breeze for me which I finished in like…half an hour. I struggled with accounting, which is Greek to me, and that took up nearly an hour. I ended up with >70% for Ethics, Quant, Econ, Corp Finance, Portfolio Management, but accounting did me in - <50%. No more flukes this time, got to buckle down and try and understand accounting. :frowning:

I was going fast initially, so i started double checking and later triple checking every answer :smiley: !