Early Leave?

Any of you working a full day today? I for one, will be practicing an Irish exit at 1:00 sharp.

Dunno yet. Probably depends on what the boss tells me.

I’d like to leave at lunch, since a.) I am off all next week to study, and b.) It’s my last day on this job anyway.

Hungover as f*ck right now. Happy just to sit here in one spot for a minute.

Going out hard on a Thursday? What are you, in college? I miss it when Friday was basically a day off.

I don’t think I had a Friday class for my last two years in college.

I don’t do well when I have to go to work hungover.

College was Friday

Industry in Thurs

Stop hatin’

Blew another $100 at a strip club, didn’t you?

Worse. I gotta dial it in.

BS is my man. I could hang with this cat. I drink every and any night of the week I’m free. YOLO!