Earned the Charter and landed an analyst job

With all the negative press and gloom and doom out there I thought I would share my story. Nothing to glamorous, but earning the Charter did help me advance my career. I started out 3 years ago trying to make the switch from sales with a small commodity futures firm to a career as a research analyst/ portfolio manager. I took a job with a big wall street firm in inside sales and started studying for Level I Dec 06. As I passed the exams I made it a point to network and tell anyone of influence that I wanted a chance as an entry level analyst. I passed level III in June and with the current market thought I would have to wait another couple years. In December I received a call from a guy who heard about me through my networking efforts. They wanted someone as an entry level analyst, but who had experience. I lacked experience in analysis, but since I earned the Charter they decided to give me a shot. I am now a month in to my new job and couldn’t be happier. Moral of this short story is that earning the charter coupled with networking and hard work can help your career. Good luck to all and stay positive.

Thanks LMB - thats awesome to hear. Congrats on pursuing what you are passionate about and getting there!

Thanks for sharing your experience. Congrats!! What area are you in? Did you get the job within the firm, or outside of your current firm?

Good work! It is rays of light like this that keep me going!

Thanks. I am in the Midwest and the job was within the firm.

Congrats man… I hope thats me one day

So the CFA is relevant. (im obviously mocking the previous CFA relevant/irrelevant posts.)

nice, congrats man!

nice to know that…thanks and good luck :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic, congratulations.

Congratulations on the accomplishment – great story.

Here is my story, Once upon a time, lived a computer geek, who everyone made fun of. The end


LIES!!! just kidding! awesome

Congrats… another moral of the story is that you can get your charter and a job while posting very little on AF.

congrats - really great news. good for you.

1 more thing. Keep your CFA books/ Shweser/ Stalla stashed away. They are a great resource and you will pick up on a lot of things that you only memorized for the exam and forgot 2 weeks later. I have actually been reading the CFA 5lb text books from my level I days. The thing is so heavy it is hard to imagine anyone reading all 6 of them. I just used Schweser so this is the first time I actually am reading the CFA text.

congrats on the job, it gives me something to look forward to as I take the exams in june.

don t kid yourself. Having the CFA charter does not get you a job. Experience is much more important.

LMB, How did you get the charter when you didn’t have the experience ? THanks.