Easiest question ever but can't find answer!

How many questions are on the cfa exam. and how long do ya get haha

I don’t really know how long do you get “haha”, but to pass you would need about 65%-70% of the 240 questions correct (the percentage depends on the degree of difficulty f correctly answered questions).

it refers to how long the examination is “IN MINUTES!”

240q . 90 seconds a question 9am - 12pm 2pm - 5pm

I hope that your laziness with regard to not looking for this answer on the cfai website is not indicative of how your studies are going, or are going to go… Just to see, I went to the website to see if I could locate the answers…took about 60 seconds to find the answers to both questions! Not being a smartass, but really now…

Its 120 questions for each session. and each session is 3 hrs (180 mins) long.

It appears that you ARE being a smartass which is indicative of what a complete douschebag you are! if you would have read my question and topic you would have understood that I searched and could not find the answer to it. I’m glad that you spend countless hours a day on computer being a complete social reject and you have record breaking times at finding information. I really don’t hope your ability to read questions improves by the time of the exam because well I could care less what happens to you. Thanks for those who answered my question without being a princess about it.

Calm down buddy.

There’s a great group of people on this forum which is so much different from most. Always trying to help out people as much as they can. But I guess there will always be the one who tries to gain confidence through the tips of there fingers