Easy CFAI Readings

I was looking through the 18 sections and a few of them are relatively monstrous (150+ pages), but many are relatively short. I’m thinking that I might read 6 of the actual CFAI readings that are on the shorter side. Here’s what I found: SS Easy readings (total pages) 8 (84) 9 (75) 12 (75) 14 (55) 15 (42) 18 (84) I’ll use Schweser and end of chapter CFAI questions for the longer readings. -Dirty

I felt that SS1-4 was easy as well.

I’m startign SS4 tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, isn’t that IPS? Which we know there will be at leats 2 vignettes on? Also, is that the one where we need to know all the different trusts and crap to setup for who, etc??

I just finished ss#4 and ss#5. If you master 4, then 5 will be much easier. It’s the same framework, but tweaked slightly for institutional investors instead of individuals.