Easy money...just short every financial stock this week.

AIG, LEH, MER…etc even GS. Take up short positions with as much cash as you have. The market will crash tomorrow. The day of the Longs in the stock market are over.

GS is probably the one that has been shorted the least so far, so that idea could work, just based on panic selling.


You won’t make money in the markets following the herd. Too many people are bearish. I’m sure bad news is already priced in for the stock prices for financials and the Dow index.

ethics violation

any technicians here - what do the signals say?

Short AIG…you will make a killing.

Good luck getting availability to shares to short. Unless you have enough money where your broker will go and get some on your behalf. The day of the longs in the stock market are over? Are you kidding me?!? If the market wasn’t off 20%+ from the peak that may be an insightful comment. I’d be getting long toward the end of this week.

Didn’t have any problems short selling LEH last week @ 10 with my online broker. This is NOT a normal bear market rather an unravelling of the Financial system like Paul Krugman had predicted. The Ponzi scheme is coming to an end soon.

AIG is not LEH. AIG is the world’s largest insurance company, which is already trading at 30% of book value. If you think they’re going under, paper assets won’t matter. You’ll need bullion and bullets.

good luck with that MER short you recommended…

lol, you sound like a kid in a candy store. how cute.

haha yeah - MER short not a good call right now