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Just finished up FSA and I need a less taxing (pardon the pun) section to tackle next. I am waking up with ratios and DTA/DTL reversal scenerios in my head. Which, in each of your humble opinion, is an easy section to breeze through after FSA?

Alternative investments.

For me the easiest section was completing the ovals for my name, candidate number and signing the Candidate Pledge. I was proud of my >70 score in this section because there’s 26 choices for each slot, not just (A), (B), ©, (D) like the rest of the exam. At first I was nervous and almost fell-back on my tried-and-true strategy of guessing © on every selection, but those months of studying and practice exams helped me gather my whit and forge ahead. My score was borderline, so I think they bumped me up to PASS based on my sleek cursive signature, you’ve gotta see this thing. So but if you need a break from learning new terminology and memorizing equations, maybe it’s a good time to review ethics.

Corp Fi/Portfolio Management for sure…

ditto on the alt investments

not quant???

Corporate Finance felt great after FSA

Alternative Investments was a piece of cake. Admittedly, I work in that field, but still, that ish was simple. The only “trick” (if one can call it that) was to remember to back out interest payments from principal when doing the discounted cash flows for real estate model. Literally, remember and know how to do that, and assuming you don’t wear a helmet to school you’ll get >70 on AI.

What do you guys feel is the toughest part of FSA? Granted, I have a strong background in corporate accounting, but many of the FSA concepts are not things I have worked with on a regular basis in my career. Still, Taxes and Debt Financiang are the only issues I have found so far that don’t come pretty intuitively to me. I can see were ratios might get a little confusing, but there is a relatively simple logic to how they are constructed, and if you can remember the logic, you can probably recreate the ratio.

Corp. Finance, Fixed Income and Alternative Investments

Coporate Finance!! - Dinesh S

Gangrel, the toughest part in FSA for me was not any given topic but the amount of new information.

I haven’t gotten to alt investments yet (partly because that’s what I do, so I’m not too worried), but corp finc/pm felt good after FSA. In retrospect, I wish I had split up FSA and Econ