Eat of the AAPL so young...

Feb Option Expiry Range for AAPL? Also binary + or - $500 for expiry.

Much value trap… such wow.

I’m glad I have completely avoided this total disaster of an investment. Maybe Icahn can turn it around…

Awww looks like my picture didn’t post since we’re still in the 1997 era for AF… was supposed to be a little doge action which perfectly expresses my skeptical thought process about AAPL stock.

Long AAPL and will buy more if it drops below 500.

I just keep thinking of Alice In Chains.

“I’m the man in the box…buried in my sh!t…” - AAPL long investor

Alice in Chains… Seattle and Seahawks baby! haha… ‘yeah, yeah, recommend you borrow… borrooowwww…’