ebook page numbering is poor

Some pages are very short while some are very very long. Who made this kind of numbering

Each subsection is taken as a page, for example section. 3.1 will be one page, 3.2 will also be one page regardless of the length of the sections. Page 29 of book 2 just about 10 lines

I work for a company that converts pdfs into e-books and there is no exact science to it. If someone did not manually go through all the pages to ensure consistency, you will see unusual page breaks.

Regardless, who uses e-book rather than actual hard copy?

There are no missing pages on the ebook just that it improperly numbered

The poor page numbering for the ebook was one of the reasons I purchased the hard copy books. I plan on using the ebook seldomly, but it’s nice to have both, I guess it depends on how each of you studies best. Wish CFAI would just have a PDF version of the ebook with same page numbers as the hard copies for reference purposes.

CFA institute need to provide us with a properly numbered update