Ebook vs Print Editon for CFAI study materials

Hello all, Actually I plan to register for the June 2012 CFA L1 exam. I would like to know if the print edition is better than the ebook version of the CFAI study materials. Could you help me decide please. I’m indifferent between using the two but would like to be sure which one is better. Thanks

I have tried both, I didn’t like the ebook, there were some issues with the zoom function, you could not zoom in on e.g. a formula nor scribble something in the margin. Paper is paper, you know what you get. You can check out the software on Vitalsource Bookshelf, http://www.vitalsource.com/ I felt it was attractive as an idea, to access the books from wherever you are and on whatever electronic device you have at hand, but it felt as if the technology isn’t fully developed just yet, there were some issues with visibility, some functions were missing and I couldn’t run it on my Android phone either.

Definitely print - ebook is slow and awful, printing is limited to like 150 pgs at a time as well if you ever want to do that. Definitely go print - I bought the ebook and exchanged it after using it for a few minutes.

Thank you guys(gals), I will order the print version

Also a note about the print version: its printed on very high quality paper, there is lots of room for taking notes in the book (if that’s what you like to do). It would be one thing if the ebook saved you a lot of money, but its only $20 cheaper if I remember correctly. I didn’t get the ebook and didn’t miss it at all. If you work and travel a lot it may be worth having as a supplement to the print version, but I would never recommend getting just the ebook.

I agree to the above comments. I think I wasted the extra money for e-book. No zoom function and very limited functions/options. I was excited before I ordered, but never used it once after I bought it. Go with print, but if really feel like having an e-version get it. But I don’t recommend just the e-book.

I used ebook on a Mac Air, and found if viewed in “continuous mode”, the page size can be adjusted to what ever size is needed. The things I like about ebook are the different color highlighters and the ability to search. I found it very quick to review.

I opted for just ebook and later I resent. In ebook, it is irritating to go to a particular page or in other words back n forth. I would suggest to go for print or both.

I’ve always ordered print or both. Some of the printed books are pretty thick, but I cut the first volume into three pieces (ethics, quant, and economics) for better portability. I taped a new front and/or back cover to the “new” volumes. It is as someone wrote “high quality paper” and therefore the books weigh a lot.

Quick/silly question for priting out from the ebook, does the “150-pages at a time” mean we can only print that much at max within 24hours or within a continuous run of the printer? Do they limit us from printing for certain times, say 2 times for example? I try the app from my iphone/ipad and it seems fine - not so good but fine. I might just go with the ebook to save some money and print whatever i need later. Thanks in advance