Is that better to buy ebook than hard copy. I just read some of people saying it is not working good and vista is recommended. I am using window Xp will it work there. I don’t mind having books but it is hard to carry while commuting to office. Also, IF you guys got ebook, was you able to print it. I am going to registor soon, but still terified from the thought of getting faulty ebooks. Thanks in advance.

I hated hauling the books around for L1 so decided to get both hardcopy and ebook for L2. Personally I think the ebook is terrible. The quality is not sharp, and you can’t really use it on any ereader device. They are supposed to come out with an apple app but that keeps getting stalled. Anyway, I decided to just take all the books to fedex kinkos and have the binding shaved off and all the pages 3-hole punched. They charged me $13 to do that and know I just carry a small flexible 3ring binder with the sections I’m currently reading. It’s a great old school solution. You can print from the ebook.

they just released the ipad/iphone app, you can now download it there. Its not great but the image quality is good. Interactive elements are difficult to use imo; eg, the search function is tough to access. It looks sharp though so its just like having the book in that respect. Hopefully now that its released they can improve the app over time. As is, it works now! It is MUCH better than the online bookshelf version though.

Thanks Guys for help. I think I will go with books. ohnomrbill, Thanks for great idea. I will probably do it too.