Ebooks - I want my $50 back.

I. Online version: a. is slow, painful b. navigation is absolutely horrible (only can view one page at a time – thank god at least you can actually go to a specific page, or imagine clicking 200 times to go to 201st page.) c. the search functionality while exists is really bad (it only does text search – a text for text matching). The search should be smart to understand where to go when you look up for instance say “definition, special purpose vehicles” d. copy paste is quite ugly e. I am thinking an html version would have been smoother. haha. II. The downloaded version: a. start reading / automated sound IS ABSOLUTELY HOPELESS and useless function. can’t understand a word. CFA if you are listening then please get some sincerely decent accent and may be, just a may be get a 6th grader to read the book. b. highlighting a part of the text with different markers is neat feature c. making notes while reading is neat feature too d. but I don’t understand why there are only 4 different colors, (Exam, important, unimportant, need clarification). Who has arbitarily decided that every student only cares about these 4 categories? I mean wtf, CFA institute. Why not give us the functionality to pick our own colors and own meanings for them. Its after all supposed to be a customizable book to our needs. e. Export notes function can be useful, thankfully you allow us to export multiple notes (May be also give us the feature to export a particular type of notes, or export all notes within one chapter, or SS etc. Since most of your curriculum is based around SS it’s strange no feature that takes advantage or allows students to harness the organization of your course exist – Also the biggest challenge while studying is that most of the concepts overlap in more than one place – to this end I wish you gave us the ability to link stuff within the books so that when we are reviewing econ FX, we also review derivatives, and the currency translation) f. Also for christ, improve your search feature. this is the age of google like search, not just DUMB TEXT search – we also need the dumb text search, but allow us to specify the limits of the search. When I am sleeping, and I think of a particular vague porfolio management formula, give me the ability to only search SS 18. ALSO GIVE THE ABILITY TO SEARCH WITHIN NOTES!!! what good is MY 5MILLION notes if i can’t even remember where they exist. g. create a better interface to read notes, and to make them more easily accessible, why the eff do i have to click it twice, then a popup comes etc. Why can’t we treat the software as like a textbook and crossing out lines and easily write on the white space on the side!!. I mean wtf you are thinking. create more intuitive options on the right click. May be take a lesson from people who make good software - like AAPLE, ADOBE or GOOGLE , and sometimes MICROSOFT. THIS vitalsource is piece of i won’t say what. h. why the hell does each book have to be in excess of 200 mb. Are you kidding me? This is not some blu ray movie. This is text 600 pages of text. I could scan these pages and it still wouldn’t add to 200 mb. I am serious. i. CFA Institute you make me feel ripped for this piece of crap. I want my $50 back. It appears to me that you care more about making sure and protecting all your copyright stuff, than creating a product that can be useful for candidates. I strong recommend to my fellow AFers to save their money on this EBook. I wish someone had told me about this before I decided to give away $50.

I. Online version f. What’s up with only able to view one page at a time? I mean wtf!!! has no one at vital source or cfa institute ever seen how google books are? It lets you scroll atleast! NO SCROLLING for cfa! wow. keep clicking one page at a time. Sometimes I like to review 2-3 pages together especially when example tables fall on one page and the explanation on the next 2. JESUS. you really frustrate me cfainstitute. Vital source is OPEN SOURCE THAI CENTER! thai?? is that where the cutting edge programming is happening. GREAT!

I just bought it today… Yeh, an interface sucks, but the idea is great. I think money well sepnt for me, since i can read it at work…aka…working))))