Ebooks not loading on VitalSource Bookshelf?

I downloaded all the books but when I go through clicking to view the books, the page stays blank.

As a result, I tried to access the books online on the vitalsource website but none of the books show. When I try to redeem my code, I get error messages saying I can’t redeem or it has already been redeemed.

How can I get the ebook pages to display on the VitalSource Bookshelf software? I just wasted a couple of hours trying to fix this but it’s still not working.


Is your vitalsource of the latest version?



is your vitalsource working now? if not, check with the CFA guys the will help your asap, was also facing the same problem and it was fixed within 2 days

i also had a similar issue. i got the following mail from the vital source team “Thank you for contacting VitalSource. You will not need to redeem the code again, since your book will be stored in your VitalSource account. To attempt to download again, please complete the following: Open Bookshelf Right click on your book in the booklist and click open containing folder In the file browser which pops up, right click on the highlighted .VBK file Press and hold shift and click delete , click yes to confirm Quit and relaunch bookshelf Attempt to download the book.” However i would suggest you to drop a mail with the vital source team. They are very quick to respond.