Hey guys Regarding the CFAI eBooks … I would like to know if you can copy some parts of the text and paste it in word document? would like to know if it would help in preparing personal notes Thanks

off the top of my head, that was not something you could easily do. also, the ebooks had crappy resolution.

I have e-books for all the three levels and compared them. The first two are not good, but the last one (Level 3 2012) is much better. I tried to copy-paste and there was no problem, but formatting was gone.

given level 3 does test your ability to WRITE (not with a keyboard) - stop cutting/pasting and start to make handwritten notes for a change. If you cannot read it, no one can. so improve your handwriting as well, in the process.

Thanks guys CPK: If you have seen my level 2 notes you would notice that I have written my entire set of notes but since I will be doing my one-year MSc in finance program now, I don’t think I will have so much time to spend on preparing the notes Omar

I have passed 11 ACCA exams, all of them are written (you have to do several big problems, some with calculations, more than 1/2 is theoretical). And I have never had any problems with the exams because of the handwritting (I passed all but one exam from the first try, and that one was my fault), though my handwritting is no very good, English is a foreign language for me, so a lot of mistakes, and usually in the end of the exam when you run out of time (very normal situation during ACCA exams, just like am session in Level 3) the handwritting becomes really awful. So I think you shouldn’t worry about the handwritting, they can read it somehow. :slight_smile:

hey helena! how are the ACCA exams compared to the CFA ones?..11 seems really harsh!

There are 14 of them but I had 3 examptions. They are more difficult as you have to perform long calculations from the beginning to the end, and you should show your calculations and write explanations, you can’t just write the answer. And it is not multiple choice, so you can’t just guess. But they are extended in the time so you can take from 0 to 4 twice a year (you have 10 years to pass), so every time you study only one subject (or more if you take several exams) (and they are by subject, only 2 or 3 exams are really based on previous material), so it is easier. Overall, I think ACCA is harder as you have 14*3=42 hours compared to 3*6=18 hours of very intensive exams (during both levels of CFA exams I had a lot of spare time and during ACCA exams I usually finished with 5 minutes left only due to a very strict time management after I had no time at my first exam for the problem I knew because I spent too much time on the problem I was not sure about. After that I spent first minutes of the exam marking the time I should go to the next problem (I realised that if I still hadn’t written something, then I didn’t know it. In this case I just left the place in case I have spare time from other problems to return at the end of the exam and usually returned later, often with fresh ideas :slight_smile: ) I am going to do the same during am session.