eckSo was the LINK method 100% correct?

Did all who got a L3 registration link over the weekend pass, did all who got the L2 with no checkmarks fail, and did some/but not all of the l2’s with checkmarks pass? I had L3 link and PASS!

Accurate for me :slight_smile: !!! and 5 co workers (2 pass, 3 fails)

passed…saw the level III link

unfortunately, it looks like it was 100% accurate (i passed, but i feel bad for others that found out that way). small sample size but the people i remember are coming as per the weekend link.

it was a perfect correlation… i was the beneficiary last year and this year i was at the receiving end… that even it out… having said that i needed to work harder in order to get a pass, so all other things are (links or no links isnt important)

Accurate for me. L2 registration reset and I failed.

Check out the other thread… there is a dissenter who saw LIII link and did not pass (or so he /she claims).

i was going to put up big disclaimer before i posted … i didn’t expect it to be accurate for each and every 30,000 people. and there was something about level 3 essays around (so easy to misinterpret)

accurate here too

Lost my checkmark and failed. Sucks.

i lost the link ands failed …overall i feel its better that i got a preview of the pain to come …

Passed and saw level 3 link.