Ecnomics study time

I am planning 2 full days to study ECN for the first time , could this be enough ?

It could be. If you can devote a little more time to it, all the better.

I don’t think so, I guess it depends on your background. But I am just now getting comfortable with the vocab, definition, and the many formulas to where I can consistently get 4-5 / 6 on problem sets.

Thanks guys , i think i will give it a try since i already dropped the quant .

I’ve been bombing econ item sets in mock exams after not studying it at all thus far. I’ve been drilling it this past week and am making progress. S2000Magician has a really nice tutorial on his website on economics that I’ve used and found it really helpful for triangular arbitrage in particular. There’s some overlap in economics (on the math problems) and Derivatives so if you know your derivatives it may help. It doesn’t cover everything, but at this stage in the game it’s a high return on time invested.

Going into Level II, I said I’d punt Economics but now I’m hitting the topic and am thankful I have. I think it may bump me up a point or two (hopefully 3) on exam day. Could make the difference.

I thought econ is easy before I dId 2014 CFAI Mock (March)

  • Steady state of growth formula

  • Growth rate in potentail GDP formula