Econ 2012 vs. 2013

Anyone else feel that material is more difficult? Looks like its more qualitative, therefore easier to make questions ridiculous on the exam!


Why do you say Econ 2013 material is more difficult than 2012 one?

Econ 2012 was easy peasy. I have not yet started the new econ chaps but i’m already hating them !!

I finished Econ and i can say its horrible, i will definitely go over it again sometime in the near future

Yeah, I agree. Econ sucks the big one. I don’t know what 2012 was like, but I have read thorugh the econ in CFAI and Schweser, and it’s still fuzzy. I think two reasons are 1. FX markets and valuation are just inherently confusing and easy to make mistakes on and 2. What isn’t FX related is qualitative stuff that you just have to jam into your head for exam day. No sense in trying to make it stick at this point in the game…

With new content there is a good chance that questions on the exam aren’t too horrible…mehbe

…I hope so! I’ve just started reading the CFAI material (doing this topic first as it has the most changes) and I have to say, 20 pages in and I’m struggling! I’m used to the Schweser material - much better…but as a retaker, I’m reluctant to buy another set of books for 2013 given a lot of the old material is still relevant. Economics. Horrible…

I have always felt that Econ is difficult, but it’s totally different than in 2012. Way less detail on calculations.

Lol. I’m sure the exam writers will find some tricky questions out of the fine print!