Econ and FSA notes in Stalla

Hi all, Just thought of asking those who are using Stalla, how is the Econ and FSA sections. I have been using Schweser and found it very unclear. The Qbank is unclear as well.

FSA is strong, economics is a painful study session, on the self study CD. The books are very good.

I have Stalla, but read SS4 through CFAI. SS5/SS6 weren’t going well for me on CFAI and I switched to Stalla which wasn’t too bad. I read SS7 through CFAI text and though it was pretty good, especially the Westvaco example in the last reading.

Econ was ok in parts, the fx translations weren’t very well explained though. FSA has been pretty good, until I came to SS7 (although pensions was a little poor). When my CFAI books arrive I’m going to use them for that study session. Fixed Income has been really good with Stalla.

Yeah…CFA text is better for forex than stalla. Stalla was good for Quant, but I prefer the CFA Q’s on Quant, but they took to long…I had to abort since it is 1 item set…but then it could 2 items sets.