Econ & FI timing

How are/did folks deal with the fact that econ and fixed income are several hundred pages in the textbook and/or still nearly 200 pages in schweser. Anyone find that hard to get through in the one/two week time that is suggested by schweser?

I am doing CFA Curriculum, both FI & ECON total 1200 pages. not sure how schweser is able to shrink all the concepts in only 200 pages. I spent around 3 1/2 weeks reading each book. i guess some people go with schweser just because its less time consuming.

I spent 1.5 week on ECON and 1 week on FI almost front to back with each CFAI textbook. What I did was, I had Schweser study notes side by side as an outline while I read the text book. I read the LOS before I read the text and focused more on the topics tested, while skimming through others. I personally find the text book easier to read even with the volume because its more comprehensive and thorough, which means the material would stick to my memory longer than reading bullet point style paragraphs in Schewser. Worked well for me. I remember most of what I read even after 4 weeks because the material was actually fun compared to the ridiculous FSA. Hope it helps. :wink:

miu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >[Fixed Income] was > actually fun compared to the ridiculous FSA. > warms my heart