ECON graphs

Should we memorize the graphs? How they look and how they move? Are there questions that ask specifically on graphs? Thanks

For me, the graphs in econ really help me remember stuff. I may not necessarily know the little details about an econ question, but I either visualize or draw the graph and the concept makes sense. They don’t specifically ask questions on the graphs per se, but they will ask the relationships between variables which can be accomplished with the graphs.

Oh, but they do! remember the Laffer curve question and taxes?

ah you’re right. anyway, the best way to learn econ is with the graphs so you should know how most of the graphs look and how various actions affect the curves.

dude know the graphs … it will help you recollect stuff … do draw each one of them few times and also while you read stuff keep seeing the graph so ensure that what you read makes sense on the graph :wink:

Looking at the graph while reading the related stuff helps a lot in understanding the concepts. Otherwise econ is very theoretical.

thanks a lot guys. really appreciate it (Y)