Econ - Growth Rates - dy/y and dk/k

So how do they get equations 10 and 11 on page 645 in eocnomics? ive been doing the algebra for like 30min and cant seem to get it

dy/y = da/a + alpha * dk/k + (1-alpha)*dl/l?

it is partial differentiation, not algebra…

they said they used equations 6,7 and 9…


ln Y = ln A + alpha * ln K + (1-alpha) ln L (makes the equation a linear equation by taking natural log).

now do partial diff

dy/y = da/A + alpha dk/k + (1-alpha)*dl/l

I know how to differentiate, I think you are misunderstanding my question. I used ‘d’ to represent delta and it has to do with another way of writing the growth rates…

e.g. dy/y=(theta/(1-alpha))+(alpha)(s)(y/k-psi)

and dy/y=(theta/(1-alpha))+(s)(y/k-psi)

sorry for the confusion