Econ Low Hanging Fruit

I gotta give this section a bit of a go even if it’s just to pick the low hanging fruit. I’ve been scoring anywhere between 33% and 66% on this section. I’d be happy with 50% on the exam to be honest as long as it’s only 1 item set.

Anybody got a good cheat-sheet for this section to capture the basics that they could post here or email me?

Alternatively, what’s your strategy to netting a few points on this section?

I’ve got Scheser notes, 11th hour, and Elan videos. Just not sure how to best use them for Econ.

Depends on your background but I find triangular arbitrage to be the lowest hanging fruit…

Yeah, the currency trading stuff in the beginning is pretty straightforward, followed by the covered/uncovered parity stuff (memorise formulas). Beyond that though I’m a little lost.

I’m looking for bullet point summaries of topics like

Classical Growth: assumes no growth, GDP per person is fixed, etc

Exogoneous Growth: depends on technology, blah blah

Something I can scan that’ll give me an edge to score 1 or 2 extra points or at least eliminate an answer on each question or something.

Is QBank helpful for Econ at all?

I am personally using Finquiz’s smart summaries for economics to go along with end of chapter summaries from curicullum.