Im considering adding a math major with my econ major since its a BA. Im a 3rd year and was wondering how desirable econ+math majors are to employers in finance and ibanking. Is it worth the work going for the math major or do you think the same opportunities would arise from having just an economics degree? Thanks.

I think Econ is always considered better if there is Math attached to it. Potentially it can set you up for a quant role or a risk management role on the buy side, both of which are more interesting than IB in my opinion. You’ll get to have (a little) more sleep in those roles, too!

If you ever have an interest in getting a PhD in Economics, you probably are better off just getting the Math major.

Math opens tons of doors. Do it if you can handle it and enjoy it.

cant go wrong with math. its better than what I did…um, err, liberal arts.