Econ/PM/Deriv/Quant help!!!

I am retaking L2 this year and needed some help with these sections. I found the CFA texts a little wordy/formula driven in their explanations and some of the EOC questions a bit convoluted. I realize that most of these topics are not weighted heavily on the test individually, but that they have interrlated concepts that overlap and thus are pretty important. Any 3rd party material/suggestions anyone would recommend to better grasp the concepts for these sections? Thanks for your help!

I dont think any providers material is going to explain better than CFAI texts mate. Good thing is you know this is your weak areas - did you try out any videos? I use BionicTurtle videos on Youtube for getting a grasp of Derivatives but I am still bad it nevertheless…

IMHO, my opinion would be to take up video sessions (only if you are completely unclear of the topic) as I dont see any book explaining better than CFAI text. All the best my friend!

PS - Peter Olinto has joined Elan Guides, my advice would be to try his video once. I found him that very good for Level 1… Worth giving a try if you need videos.

^ Agree, plus you have a year so since you already have a grasp on the concept. Do practice problems until you start dreaming with them. Practice is so essential for these tests