Econ section 1

Just looking over econ because I finished quant a little early and I have no econ background and feel a little overwhelmed. Any suggestions for this section specifically the first few readings dealing with uspply and demand functions, cross-price elasticity, etc? Trying to better my understanding but the material isnt sticking at the moment.

Its difficult material for sure. I did my undergrad in Economics and I still get various questions incorrect via the practice or mock exams lol. What I’d do is search on Youtube these key words: " IFT Economics Summary". It’ll find a Econ playlist structured by IFT of condensed material and formulas.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

There is no shortcut for econ. Kaplan and others are not useful unless you have the background (meaning you had hardcore econ courses in college). They are too summarized and you will miss the context.

The curriculum is very useful for the micro readings, however for macro (IS-LM, AD-AS supply curves specifically) the readings have been written in a way for you to not to understand the concepts, plain and simple. IFT videos are your first step, and then you can go to the readings and figure them out. I spent 4 entire days (the past memorial weekend) with Econ.1, so the pain is very recent.

Im reading the Kaplan text in conjunction with MM’s video package but the videos arent very helpful and as you said the material is just difficult and tasteless. Oh well, only one way to go, forward.