Econ - The Achilles heel (and strategy)

Is reviewing Econ the most time consuming? I started review a couple of days ago with the strategy that I will skim thru Schweser notes and start drilling the Q-bank questions. However, I found my self in a bind, as I could not recollect much from the past and just skimming doesn’t help. So now I find myself spending 3 hrs a day on reviewing Econ and ONLY 1 hr on the Q-bank. I want the numbers to turn around for Econ and all other Study sessions that follow. How do I do it? My intended strategy is to spend ONLY 1 (or 2 hrs) a day on review, hit the Q bank for 2 hrs a day and spend most of the weekends on “cumulative” tests from Q-bank and mocks. But I cannot get away from this extensive reading even during review mode. I find myself spending a lot of time reading rather than solving problems. Is this specially the case for Econ as it involves lot of reasoning or will it be the same forward? How do I move away from this state to my intended strategy? (or as the economists would say: how do I move the real GDP to potential GDP?)

i found econ to be really easy. I flew through the schweser readings in less than a week. I did pretty well too on the concept checkers, dont have the q-bank though. hopefully i can retain the knowledge until the exam. So far for me quant was the most time consuming because of the formulas.

I think the best way to review will be just to hit qbank and mocks, figure out the ones you get wrong and review sections that you do the worst on. In qbank if you go to the performance tracker after a test you can see which readings of each section you did poorly on. but then again i wont be done reading for another week so I can’t really talk

Keep on reviewing and doing Qbank, you will only get faster.

Even I took 20 days to revise Eco…considering Im not my Eco/finance b/g Do Qbank…its very helpful

That’s great silbeer I’m sure vpatel9 feels much better about their strategy knowing now that it was easy for you. Vpatel9 my only suggestions are to understand clearly the specific LOSs related to the readings you having difficulty with and note the specific information and also, note the Qbank questions that are getting wrong, and find the LOS related to that question.

study AS/AD Curves…once you get that down, everything else just clicks.

Econ was the easiest for me so far. Took less than a week to get through it and ace Qbank questions.