No one seems to be talking about economics here. I think economics is pretty easy, and it’s all about retention and recalling the circuitous relationships. I thought econ will be one of my strengths as I really liked it while studying but I don’t seem to be scoring very well because either I take too much time recalling the relationships so loose interest and mark the wrong option, or get bogged down with details and get confused. How do you guys remember those relations? Is it easier for people with commerce/finance background? Do you recall using graphs or have something formulated in your mind to recall quickly? Could you guys please me out with the strategy you guys follow to get the fast and correct answer?

I draw the chart on the side of mock if I stuck on the question which requires to evaluete some kind of effect. But most part of econ seems easy for me and there is no need of drawing charts, but it helps.

Honestly keep doing questions and read random articles on google finance and other news sources. The more you see basic principals being used in real world examples the more you will understand it and econ will be a breeze. Plus if you get jammed during hte test about a tax question or something you can just remember “oh well 2 weeks ago when this gov. changed taxes XXX happened” etc.