I had heard that Econ was not part of level 3… i bombed Econ on level 1 and 2 and still hate it.

I saw that there are points allocated to Econ this year??

Econ is a part of the syllabus, and was in previous years, as far as I know. I think it used to be “hidden” in Portfolio Management. If it’s any consolation, my personal opinion was that the Econ at L3 was much easier than at L1/L2, as I think the material is much narrower. I don’t think it was ever as ambiguous as some of the L1 stuff, which was horrible from recollection…

it’s always been there but it used to be included in the PM banding, now seems to have been separated out.

L3 econ is nowhere near as bad as 1 and 2, just some valuation models and some other stuff I’ve already forgotten

Loved Econ when they had those Michael Parkin readings.

For each level, I have continuously said that Econ is sneakilly the hardest section. Good thing it often is not that large a weight

I hate it too, its not that big deal in level 3, I think there are 2 main readings dedicated to economics that can be mixed up with other stuff but its definitely a cream compared to level 1 and 2 economics.

fear fixed income…

For those who hate Economics…

It is a beautiful subject and the only difficulty is most of us tend to cram through it for the exam sake. I aced Econ. in both L1 & L2 and I am confident I am going to enjoy it in L3 as well. The problem is Schwesers (other prep providers I have not see hence would not comment) have misrepresented if not maligned most of the contents and the beauty that Economics hold. If one studies with interest from CFAI then I doubt one would still hold the opinion about how horrible Economics is or howone can bomb Economics. Frankly What I believe is what is covered in CFAI as far as Economics is concerned could easily be compared if not ahead of at master’s level. It is a beautiful and a relevant subject provied you are willing to love it.


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^ I agree!

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