Econometrics Background

Hi, Do you think any econometrics background is helpful for the CFA L2 (Quants)? Thanks


it will help to certain extent take note that there are 20 vignettes in level 2 and only 1 vig in QM to help you pass, you need to master FRA and Equity, the essence of L2, both add up can go to 10 vig

If you have econometrics background, that means you have background and experience in analytical thinking. This attribute will go a long way in understanding the intricacies of Level 2 material. This is key to passing the Level 2.

the L2 statistics material will not be challenging if you have a strong metrics background. They cover OLS regressions (single and multiple RHS variables), time series regression, all the usual tests and, you will probably be happy to hear, cointegration is also covered. The material doesn’t get into the maths side of things. You are just required to know formulas, know when to use which formula and know how to interpret results. Your background could be a blessing if it means that you save time not having to review and re-review stats material. It could also be a disaster if you skip over this material and don’t learn the way CFAI does things. An example of this (wrong subject but its the first thing that comes to mind as it screwed with me quite a bit): at uni we were taught that to do an arbitrage, you borrow in the cheap currency, lend the expensive currency and at the end of the investment period you end up with $x of risk free profit. However, CFA’s strategy is a bit strange, you have to ‘take’ $y of cheap currency, lend the expensive currency and at the end of the investment period you conclude that you were effectively able to borrow at a rate less than the risk free rate of the cheap currency. Its basically the same thing, just somewhat convoluted. So be careful and good luck :slight_smile: