Economics 2012 for those who used Schweser for June

I know 2012 had significant changes to the economics section from 2011. For those who used Schweser for june 2012 was the material covered a good reflection of the CFAI text and what was needed to know for the exam? I don’t have my CFAI books yet otherwise I’d just look it up myself.



I only used CFAI, and I haven’t seen Schweser. That said, I know they go LOS by LOS, so in terms of what is sufficient for the exam they should be just fine.

I used Schweser. I think it was sufficient and covers what you need to know for the exam,

good luck!

I used Schweser. I think it was sufficient and covers what you need to know for the exam,

good luck!

I figured.

Unless they state the LOS and then teach completely off base it would be PRETTY difficult to not cover the necessary material. However, the general consensus says completely ignore Schweser material and read the CFAI book for ethics, so I didn’t know if there were any other sections to take this advice on.

Thanks for the responses guys!

pdub and for any one who is in the same boat

  1. schweser does a pretty good job of summarization (based on what they think would appear or has a high probability of appearing on the exam).

  2. However - in the larger scope of things - there might be quite a bit in the original text books which is not covered by Schweser.

  3. This part does not hurt in Level I - you have a much bigger question base (240 questions) and individual ones at that.

So the approach of using Schweser (and for that matter, any other study provider) in level I is not that much of an issue.

However - at level II and level III - this approach could hurt. To get prepared for times ahead (after Level I) - it might make sense to get into the habit of going thro’ the books as well - in addition to schweser to see that you are not missing anything major.

That is my 2c.

This approach also puts you closer to the language that appears on the CFA material and exams… and that definitely plays a key part of doing well on the exams.

thank you for the input…will keep this in mind once i get over the level 1 hurdle…ive seen this commented before so i trust it to be true

at least do a quick skim thro’ the originals (read the chapter summaries too) - you have the books - and you need to do the EOCs.

that way you can quickly get familiar with anything not covered by schweser.

I remember EOC summaries in CFAI books to be very useful in Level 1. It is as if the style of exam questions directly corresponded to some key summary points.