economics formula frustration

im just did a set on economics. usting uncovered interest rate partiaty, fisher relationship etc.

i know why i got one problem wrong. they said to compare using the intenrational fisher relations. i compared the spot rates using the the inflation numbers (which didnt match) compared the inflation and interest relationship which did.

however the thing that is currently bugging me is that the formulas on the KS quick sheet for economics do NOT match the problem solution methods on the KS mocks.

for example, on their quicksheet, they have uncovered rate interest parity as a subtraction of interest rates, but they solve the problems with a multiplcation/division process.

if just this one is wrong im fine, but im thinking all of their data is like this for this section and im wondering if i memorized the wrong formulas.

example include uncovered interst rate parity, fisher relationship internationals fiesher relationship, relative perc hasing power pariity… etc. they are all done by subratcing rates.

my biggest concern is how am i supposed to solve these problems for next saturday.

any feedback on how i should be viewing this is appreciated.

Multiply and divide is the safest way and also the way suggested by CFA. Fisher international effect which is based on inflation differential is done by subtracting. I would rather stick to CFA method.

KC mock 3 problem 38 does international fisher relationship by a ratio

(1+I1)(1+I2)=(1+i1)/(1+i2) are they wrong??

also most in the quick sheet are doing done like liibor example (1+I*n/360)

should i be solving these llike libor or to a power?

also in their qs they say covered iknterest rate parity… f =( 1+ra…)/(1+rb) s0… uncovered e(delta s)= RA-RB

in the answer to 39 they say, uncovered interest rate forcast…120(1.0388)(/(1.07) =…

whats the difference between covered and uncovered here???