Economics - how is everyone doing?

How are you guys doing in Econ? Seems to be my weakest but not sure if I should focus on that or stick to FRA and my other weak topics. There is so much information for econ…any suggestions and is anyone else struggling with econ (<65%)? Anybody have good notes that highlight the main points in econ, or should I stick to the typical solution of doing “practice problems”? Any help is much appreciated!!

Econ was one of my weaker area but now it’s one of my strongest. It helped to go over the practice exam questions and look them up in the book, reading the section covering the LOS the question pertained to. Use the Performance Tracker to see which sections of Econ you’re struggling with. I’d hazard a guess to say you’re scoring really well on some parts and poorly on a couple. Knock out the readings and study sessions that have room for improvement, giving extra attention to areas you are fuzzy on. Use the QBank to polish up on the readings, and honestly, even do some QBank open book. I think that can help drill down topics effectively.

Reviewing practice exams has been one of my most productive uses of time.