Economics of exotic dancers

Interesting analysis of the economics of the strip club. I’m sure the BSDs here already know this from their conversations as they make it rain

Will I get fired if I read this?

On a secondary note, I am waiting for more title inflation to hit this industry. Pretty soon, the appropriate term will be “exotic entertainment professional” or something…

Exotic entertainment analyst.

strippers seem to be the female version of 1980s style stock brokers. Make that $ ladies, just dont get glitter on my shirt or perfume on my neck.

Can’t help you with the glitter, but a performer once told a friend of mine to stop for gas on the way home and accidentally spill a little on himself to hide the perfume smell.

Either way, looks like that guy’s relationship is going…up in flames.

Image result for david caruso sunglasses meme

its stronger than a diamond.


Sometimes I have a fantasy about gathering up all the ladies in the dressing room and giving them the Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glen Ross. A.B.C. bitches!!!

Put the Kahlua down! Kahlua is for closers…

That’s straight out of the documentary “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”

It’s actually a fascinating film (for us nerdy types).

^great movie

Never saw the movie, but she honestly did say that to a buddy of mine. Would have been sometime in the early 90’s. Maybe she gave the same advice to the screenwriter.

Did you figure out an appropriate substitute for the brass balls?