Economics ? Reqd Masters Comment

Hi, I have done Eco from Sch notes SS 4 only. It pains for me to do Eco, so kept at last. How is SS 5 & 6 of Sch notes. If anyone in Master’s in Eco (i.e liking the subject), plz reply. What is strategy at the last moment to do Eco & complete my studying at a good speed ? Reqd comments on urgent All the Best

level 1 econ is mostly memorizing anyway, especially the latter macro bit, so i think you just have to sit down and force yourself to read it. schweser itself is a shortcut, be happy you don’t have to read that thick unnecessary CFAI volume!!

I can’t keep awake reading Econs. Joe sells 10 pizzas… Jack sells 20 pizzas… My mind keeps wandering away in pizzaland trying to read that. And not only that, at least for the CFAI book, they make you read about 450+++ pages just to answer 24 questions. I skipped it directly to book 5 and 4, since they cover more questions for less pages. CFAI Book 5, for example, has about 500 pages, but it covers 52 questions: