Economics: Schweser Notes, videos or CFAi???

Which one do you recommend?

I read the Schweser notes and watch videos.

During my first time going through the curriculum, I’ve been doing Schweser’s concept checkers and QBank along the way.

Once I am through all the curriculum, I will continue cranking out QBank questions and begin with the CFAI end of chapter questions.

There are mixed opinions on whether or not you can pass level II by relying solely on Schweser. In my opinion (first time taking level II, so keep that in mind), reading all of the CFAI material is not necessary. I’ll turn to it if Schweser is unclear, but Schweser hits the major points it seems. From what I hear, I’d definitely do the CFAI practice questions though.

Has scswer covered alternate inv properly ?

I hear econ is insane!!!

I’ll try schweser and do EOC cfai!!

See my prior post about reading less, doing more problems…

I just watch Schweser (not read) and take notes as if it were a college class (about 1 hour). Then I jump straight into doing Finquiz problems (hours at a time.) And when I’m comfortable with the Finquiz problems, I do the blueboxes and EOCs in CFAI; if I’m consistently scoring poorly on the problems, I’ll refer to CFAI for an examplation.

Although I haven’t measured it, I’m targeting a ratio of 10% Reading to 90% Working problems.

I have not adopted this strategy, however I do think it is plausible. Practise make perfects. Hopefully you dont run out of problems too soon.

I agree!!! practice problems are key!

One tip on economics (just like ethics) is to do something like 2-5 questions on a daily basis for the last couple of months.

If you do this, then you can quite easily crack it. Hope this helps!

Thank you :slight_smile: