Economics Section

I just completed all of the readings and questions for the Econ section and all I can say is wow I underestimated this section (i was an econ major) and how big it is.

For anyone that has taken level 1… Can you give me a rough guide in to what sections are the absolute most important for this section?

I ask because this is my last section and then I will quickly go through Alternative Investments and be done with all of the readings. I really want to move onto taking my first mock exam and then reviewing and repeating that process several times until the exam. However, I still need to get a better grasp on Econ before I move on.

Any sections that are REALLY important and any other ones that you may know of that are hardly tested on ??

Just take the topic based practice tests a few times and youll see. Its only 10% on the exam, even lower on L2 with not much carry over so dont worry too much about it

wow! you were an econ major and it is STILL hard… you just made my day. no wonder this test feels on inch away from impossible.

I concur… do some practice exam econ sections and you will see a pattern of focus areas. I have a Kaplan Schweser practice exam volume. Very useful as a dose of reality on exam readiness as well as focus areas and problem types.

I took the CFA topic test on Econ and it was ridiculously hard in my opinion… a lot of focus on computations of FX currency … and then I took a practice section test for Schweser and it was significantly easier… a lot more focus on general understanding of the wide range of topics. not as bad as i thought at all.

I dont understand the CFA topic test though because i’ve taken all of the other ones and they’re very do-able and similar to all the other q-bank and practice tests i have taken. Not the case at all for Econ