Can’t remember the topics here…seemed like it was all general fluffy stuff (CA and FA as dicussed) and nothing in depth,which was disappointing.

Crap, but you had to remember what to use in the calculations in Current assets account.

which was what?

You had to net out the interest income and I also put in the foreign aid into the CA. THought it was right. I don’t feel like checking the damn book! I am sooo pissed - I was scoring well on all my practice exams and ripped an 80% on mock exam 1 - and I think I could have failed… F****************

this is the fu… level I stuff they tested us thoroughly. can’t understand what’s the logic of CFAI. the new econ stuff in level 2, none of them is tested. also the whole fu…ing time series stuff moved down from level 3 is not tested. i am pretty sure we will get tested on the time series stuff again on level 3.

someone posted a couple of weeks earlier that “Jodi” at Schweser said that in all the years Time Series had been on L3, it was never tested. if they don’t test it why have it there?

For Current Accont, I had 5.3 or 5.4 or something. I originally had 4.3 but then I added in the tourist spending. Anyone else?

It’s fun to know ARCH, Log, covarience stationary and random walks :slight_smile:

16.9 - 12.6 = 4.3 then you have to add in divs and aid and tourist spending

What was that then? was it B?

wrong. i got your answer too. current account has to take into acct of the interest, dvd, etc.

I was sure financial account dealt with interest, divs, etc

what about the fixed account question then?

I had 5.3 for the CA, but I read my notes today and it said to include income from foreign securities… Can anyone verify what should and shouldn’t have been included in current and financial accounts???

See, I’ve already burned my notes. I’l write them out again next year.

Tourist income should not go in there I think…what category does it fall in if it goes in?? Not i/e, not interest income, not gift, transfer…

BS! You’re going to give me TWO questions on how to calculate BOP accounts - something the CFAI dedicated a whole two pages of in the text? Are you kidding?

Smarsh financial account deals just with principals - you included just buying securities and the companies current account - goods exported imported, div, interest, services by turists and aid

I got 3.9, 1.9

i agree, 3.9 and 1.9 were the right answers…i have checked in book after exam…i was only confused about the inclusion of foreign aid in current a/c and the book says it should be there…