guys do not you find economics relatively easy but easy to forget or to confuse. Too many charts, too many variables, too much MR, MRP, MRC, AP,MC,AVC,AFC,ATC, blah blah blah. This happens to me often in economics. I read a chapter and it seems so easy, i answered the end of chapter questions and get them all right. 2 weeks later, i come across one question from that very chapter and i do not know the answer and i realized i forgot the concept. Weird.

try doing the end of chapter questions / passmaster homework a week after reading the text - you’ll score worse initially but force it in your long-term memory much more

Normal. You will be ok if you made notes as you went along. Then when you need to go over the topic again just read your notes and it will click.

thats true but while i am reading i do find it easy and i did write down anything. I do write notes from all other study sessions but for economics i just did not see any need of it. All the concepts are so easy it is just hard to retain them and not confused them a week or month later.

Ditto…me goin a bit crazy with it.

Try talking it through. Sometimes the act of SAYING things like you’re explaining them to someone else (i.e. rephrase things) drives stuff into memory more fully. At least that works for me. The more “active” you make it, the better you’ll retain it.