Hi guys, I find economics to be one of the trickiest sections. It looks easy but the Institute knows how to set you up in the wrong. Why don`t we have everone post one or two of the hardest Econ questions they have seen… lets party!!!

Its not too bad if one doesn’t overanalyze - just work the question step by step - I think thats why some people have so much trouble.

remember the graphs!! that’s all i can say- and understand the concepts

I agree with you guys but practice is only what makes you stronger at this… So shoot some tough questions…

There will be plenty of questions posted. As jb can tell you, you can’t just post lots of questions from your study guide because that’s too far down the copyright violation road. Nobody seems to have a problem with people posting specific questions they had trouble with and discussing them. I suggest that if there are questions that you find tough, post them. Also, if anyone wants to make up questions, they should do that.

On a side note, I’m not sure that’s the reason jb was banned. I think it had something to do with him organizing a copywritten mock exam for the folks on AF. Not sure though, but in any event, you’re right, we shouldn’t go overboard with the copywritten questions. rene01, if there’s a particular question that you don’t understand, post away, and we’ll do our best to help.

listen guys… stop freaking out… there are MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY econ questions… and MMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNY sources to get it from… I dont have any specific questions… and I appreciate you opinions but there’s thousands more than might like to have fun practicing some questions… if you like to participate is your choice… you have already distanced yourself so you are ok in case of any ethical violations :slight_smile:

(shakes head) Just because we distanced ourselves doesn’t mean we stand by and watch them happen…

Does anyone know if there will be actually questions showing graphs on the exam? I am an econ major and I consider my understanding of the graphs to be a strong suit, but since I hear all these horror stories about econ I’m curious to know if anyone has insight as to the typical econ questions we can expect on the exam?

I’ve never written the exam, but my understanding is that quite often they’ll ask questions on causality, i.e. what happens to B and C, when A happens (could be interest rates, aggregate demand, unemployment, etc). I don’t think they’ll give you graphs explicitly, but you’ll need to understand those (what shifts which way and why) in order to answer the questions.

padircks, I’ve sat for two LI exams and one LII exam, I’ve never seen a single chart, ever. The only graphics I’ve seen are data tables that apply to FSA or quant questions. Specifically, a partial consolidated financial statement or an ANOVA table. Regarding economics, lola’s post is consistent with my experience.

padricks - Having sat for the exam already, the questions I recall give you enough information to draw the graphs, and you will be able to write in the exam book. If you need the graphs to get through the problems (which is probably the case for me as well), you will need to draw your own. Just make sure you understand the concept and can remember what the axes are for the appropriate graph so you can draw it from memory, and you should be fine.

Awesome, thanks for your responses guys, they are really helpful. I’ve yet to write the exam as you can tell, but friends of mine have said that this June’s econ section was surprisingly hard in their view, so I’m trying to prepare the best way possible. Thanks again.