Economist are sexist

data from econjobrumors reflects a sexist environment for women. I wonder what could be decoded if you rummaged through the WC section?

Got as far as “UC Berkley Study” and quit reading.

that’s retarded. i consider myself a feminist which is why chivalry is dead, i treat them exactly as i would a friend. split the check plz. lol

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another point, janet yellen was a top professor at uc berkeley before becoming the head of the federal reserve.

Pretty sure if the author read AF, she would conclude that society must be nuked from orbit. It is the only way to be safe.

^yall need to realize how marginalized people are on anonymous forums. I know your sheltered experience of perfect PC talk found inside the confounds of the WC may bias your understanding. Online Lives Matter! I self-identify as an online eunuch who is constantly triggered by comments referencing hacksaws. Online Lives Matter!

Nice job getting the quote right. I swear everyone says “space” instead of “orbit.”

Edit: I should have continued reading. It’s “sure” not “safe.” Damn it.

Hold on a second. This installation has a substantial dollar value attached to it.

some quality topics on this website. I may have found a new favorite forum.

Maybe women are underrepresented in economics because male economists are a bunch of dorks.

article should been “Non-aroused and Small-Breasted Cold Woman Bangs Economics Degree Wielding Internet Trolls in Sexiest Way Possible - An Unaware Sarcastic Trolling of Troll Like Behaviour”.

also, i guarantee a few of the interviewees are regular posters on said forum. i would love to comment on AF IRL. i’d be like, qqqbee is god and i support discussion of abs and that assblasting medicine.

also, are you sexist if you teabag a guy you just capped in CoD or Halo since women can’t technically teabag?

"Just dreamt about kissing a high school crush that I haven’t seen in 20 years. The subconscious is weird thing. "

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This site is legit.

But there’s a second problem that has nothing to do with women’s ability. In story after story, and once again in the case of the anonymous economics forum, the theme of sex-related discussions emerges. When men talk about sex at work, it tends to make women uncomfortable.

Why is this? There are probably two reasons. First, obviously, sex-related discussions make women worry that their male colleagues will see them as sex objects rather than as competent, productive workers. But I see another, more insidious force at work. When male colleagues bond by talking about their sex lives, it’s a form of friendship that women just can’t access. This makes women afraid that there’s a boys’ club, to which they can never gain admission, but which is crucial for getting ahead in their profession or organization.

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tomorrow is also women equality day.

Wait, what? They get a weekend day for equality day? Seems way more than equal to me.

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