Economist article on desirability demographics!

Most desirable are Asian women followed by white men. Least desirable are black women followed by Asian men.

Women are ranked highly at 18 then decrease in value. Men rises from age 18 and declines at age 50.

Men with postgraduate are labeled as more desirable than without. Women with postgraduate are labeled as less desirable than without!

In a Chinese app, men are interested in 60 percent of women while women are only interested in 6 percent of men. Lol

Absolutely fascinating article. The stats are from America. And imo our opinion is the only opinion that counts cuz we run this world. We own it everyone else is just a tenant. 40 percent of all assets belong to us.

The data was probably pulled from Western countries since that is where you can easily get information, as well as, where you will find the most demographic diversity. As such, it will reflect a majority-minority populace with western norms.

Your last comment was unhelpful and the NY Times op-ed is hardly a credible source. The article is at best racist as it disparages any Asian woman who is with a white man and vice-versa.

Theres this old graph from years ago, from some pua guy

The source (Economist) is nonsense. But for the above posted stats, that’s correct, and everyone knows it.

I spent a decent minute thinking of the contributing factors of these uncited results from a socioeconomic or sociopolitical perspective. However, I realized that Nery is the one posting these, and therefore, they are most likely from a dating survey, not an economic study.

its a study from university of michigan looking at 4 major cities. to be fair it did state that 75% of the sample was white. so there is white bias. for me, i think the hottest people are the mixed breeds.

PNG, Tanzania, and Congo are the three most “diverse” countries on the planet? You can’t be serious. This list is heavily skewed by varying indigenous populations that have somewhat different languages /dialects and customs, but really aren’t all that dissimilar when taken from a 30,000 foot view.

I’m talking about clearly very different cultures and ethnicities (e.g. Africans in London or Asians in New York). You won’t find that kind of diversity outside of most Westernized countries and cities (including HK and Singapore). Most of this is driven by economics and then after that, probably a higher quality of life vs. the native country.

What’s your beef?

Any western guy who has traveled in Asia begs to differ. Source: empirical.

Nerdy hit a nerve with this one. No denying there is some nugget of truth. It should be pointed out that making reference to “asian women” or “white men” is seriously reductionist. There is a big difference in women from Japan vs China vs Phillipines, etc. Same can be said for white men.

Why stop there? There are so many types of men. Firemen, outdoorsmen etc. We all need to be labeled and put in a box. Malee you are such a reductionist.

lol its so funny how many genders there are now. cis, queer, trans, pansexual, nonconforming. makes me laugh!

lol not to be mean, but they all black to me!

spare a thought for those of us white people who are so white that we get judged by other white people. “where’s your tan?” “didn’t you just put factor 50 on 20 minute ago?”

Where’s my march?

Scotland by ethnicity, it’s pretty much one of the least ethnically diverse places in the world. I’m sure there are probably some BNP or national front type bellends somewhere though

% of Total Population African 0.6 Asian/Asian Scottish/Asian British 2.7 Caribbean or Black 0.1 Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups 0.4 Other ethnic group 0.3 White 96 All Population** 100**

Pansexual? you made that up.