Economist (CFA Exam Article)

Short article on the CFA Exam from yesterday’s Economist

SPOT THE VIOLATION: Although no profession formally requires employees to become a CFA, it is increasingly seen as essential for those trying to get ahead in financial services. i will now proceed… and then read more ethics.

2/5 cfa takers are from Asia? I guess this includes indians.

Nice. But you know, now that they mention it, I’m not sure I recall what the desirable statistical properties of an estimator are. Better look that up …

CFA noun

What are the desirable statistical properties of an estimator? lol… no clue…

That’s funny b/c you would have thought the Institute would have proofread that article / advertisement. I think they should just let people use it as a bloody noun. I mean, how often do hear people say, “she’s a CFA charterholder”. “Yep, lets get Sally to look at the analysis, she holds the CFA charter.”

in the comments: lady aftab wrote: June 05, 2008 21:17 The three statistical properties of an estimator are : 1)unbiased, 2)reliable , 3)consistent!. That was easy. The tougher parts are Alternate Investments, like covered call and protective. However, isn’t waht worth having is worth dying for?