Economist magzine and free website contents

I got a letter that offers 51 issues of the magzine for $50. I like the magzine but would not have the time to read much of its contents other than important and interesting parts. Does their website reveal most contents free? I read on their website occasionally but never made such comparison with a magzine in hand.

No don’t do it. If you google their title, you get article access.

I’ve been a subscriber for two years. Damn good magazine, but I’m thinking I’ll let it lapse this time. Just too wordy to get through my moneys worth. (Plus, honestly, I don’t really give a shit about the political unrest in Sudan or whatever the flavor is this week…)

Industry mag’s for me this time around.

cocky general style pro-UK culture anti america looks down on EM mockery of Africa

Funny… a british mag thats pro-UK culture, and not in love with america? Who’da thought? (Not starting anything, just saying. I don’t mind the culture, and its nice to read something thats not all about how amazing america apparantly is - aka, less biased than the domestic rags)

in the sense, yes very biased about UK. Won’t utter so much on the mass shop looting or enormous expenditure on the queen’s celebrations. The olympics are a massive success, no hiccups. Libor scandal was a one off incident. Standard Chartered did a minor violation. But very swift enough to mock a EM politician if he holidayed in swiss. About US, I think they behave very objective, may be because given the lack of such unbiased media from US. EMs won’t grow because capacity constaints kick-in and inflation goes through the roof. Ems are corrput by nature. etc…

I live at an EM and I actually think they approach it as well or better than anything you can buy at a newstand here - especially local magazines. (even “corrupt by nature” seems much more accurate than many would think)

I also appreciate knowing a little more about Papua New Guinea elections and what not - knowing a little bit about every place may be useful in the long run, and interesting for conversations as well.

Of course they have flaws as mentioned above (the UK stuff jumps to mind). Also, reading it carefully takes a lot of time, so many people would rather use this time differently.

On topic, if you go to their site you are limited to a few articles a week. If you go for the article directly from Google, apparently there’s no limit. Bloomberg actually has every single article (minus the drawings, graphs and stuff such as the letters section).

Economist is hands down the best weekly publication on the face of this earth.

Pay for their services. I honestly wouldn’t even mind if they doubled the price tag.

Wait a second…you guys do realize your CFA membership comes with free access to EBSCO? Its a database with access to thousands of trade publications, academic journals and magazines…including the current issue of the Economist…

Am I the only one using this?

You leanrn something new everyday.

What’s this? Never even heard of it? I googled it and found a whole bunch of different websites having that name and saying they publish journals, etc. Can someone provide the specific site? Also, when you say CFA Membership, as a L2 candidate , do I get these benefits as well or this just for charterholders paying their yearly dues? And if I’m entitled to this, how does one get a logging, or is it just the CFAI account username/pwd? Thanks for sharing this enlightening info!

You have to be either an affiliate member or regular member to receive access to EBSCO. As a member, you log into your account with CFA and you should see a link to it on the right hand side somewhere. You can also get to it by clicking on the “My CFA” tab and then clicking the “Practice Tools” link.

So I just went on EBSCO, and it looks like for the Economist in particular, they only have bibliography info up until the present, and NOT the articles. I apologize, I thought they had them for this publication. I see they have Time, Money, Forbes, etc. as well as thousands more in complete issues…just not The Economist. Sorry about that…hope some of you still bother to check it out, it really is a solid resource.

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Ooooh. Smells like pricing power.

or lots of consumer surplus

The Economist is a terrific rag for people with no background in finance. It does a good job of dumbing down content to make everything understandable.

Bloomberg Businessweek provides deeper insight.