Edge for Level 2

For those that have used Edge for level 2, how would you compare their qbank questions to the actual test? I’m using both Uppermark and Edge. Edge questions are slightly easier than UM so just trying to figure where I should focus my time

I would say Edge is slightly easier than the exam and UM is slightly harder, but both create good questions that will help you prepare.

I’d rate UM slightly better overall but Edge has a much better price point and value for $$.

So you’ll be good either way as long as you put in the work.

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Glad you didn’t say Kaplan since reviews on them for level 2 are mixed so that would be a gamble. I have around 30 days before my test and finished both Uppermark and Edge content. 50% done with uppermark MCQ qbank but still have to do the constructed response questions. Then I want to go back through them all and do mocks. Not feeling solid in any one area but it is what it is

Just passed my CAIA Level 2 in the Sep 2022 cycle. I have used both Schweser and Edge materials, but rely a lot on Edge materials towards the end of my studies. Edge’s question bank style is quite similar to the real exam. Schweser mock is good to check for knowledge gaps, but the style is quite different from the exam.