I wish I was an academic… but I’m not. I just wanted to admire everyone else’s accomplishments. I’ll start: BA Econ, Minor Management

BBA Accounting MBA Finance & Investments

Nice topic storko! BS Electrical Engineering MS Electrical Engineering (Signal Processing) MBA Finance

Associate Degree, Local community college

BA, History

Middle school diploma and 3 merit badges in the summer of '94

High School Drop Out

Star Fleet Academy - B.S. in Dilithium Crystal Engineering Vulcan Science Academy - PHD in Applied Xenobiology Then switched over to finance and got MBA in interplanetary arbitrage at Ferengi School of Business (Hope there are some trekkies out there)

my thread is dead… :frowning:

it had promise and it was good while it lasted.

it was the star trek reference that made it unsalvageable… i am guessing its an engineer trying to make the jump into finance…

Good effort storko!!

why do people have to be mean? BBA Finance , Minor Econ

BS-Management Information Systems MBA-Finance

BSBA Finance & International Business Masters Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

BS Finance, spanish minor

BBA- Finance MBA- Finance and the CFA has been kicking my a**.

BS - Economics in MBA school now…

BS Engg MS Engg Almost done with MBA

BA - History (WTF?) MS - Accounting MBA - 1/2 way done