Edmonton, Canada ???

Wonder if anyone want to form a study group. I’m studying for Level III. Anyone is welcome as I find the best benefit of a study group is motivation.

Hey disciple, I am in Edmonton, but I’m studying for level 2, so I can’t help you there. However, I wonder if we could still benefit from being in contact through email. If you like, please contact me at cfaguyshooter at gmail dot com

Same here, studying for level 2, so wouldn’t be much help. If you like you can contact me at: cezaryn at mail dot com. CFA_guy_shooter if you want we can do some studying together.

Hey guys, I’m all in favour of studying together even though not for the same levels. I find the main benefit is the motivation. Shoot me an email at hinchak at gmail dot com.

Hi! you guys mind having a level 1. I’ll send you guys an e-mail, but for any others my e-mail is xylon.kwan at gmail com