Educated guessing

What is everyone’s guessing technique if you have absolutely no idea how to do the problem?

I find that if I randomly guess I do better than if I try to solve the problem and then CFAI gives me an answer they know I am looking for (and is wrong). I look at how many a,b,c are in the vignette and try to make it 1/3 each.

I try to decide which bubble looks like it wants to be filled in the most, then I go with one of the other two.

I agree, don’t try to solve the question using random formula, or you can try your random formula (logical ones), and choose from the other two choices.

couple of times when i didn’t know how to do a problem, but i did know how to do it the wrong way. I did the question the wrong way twice and got 2 of the answers on the choice menu, then i went for the third one. turned out to be correct lol

Try to make the answer sheet look like a landscape of mountains. The trick is to never jump too sharply, so if the previous answer was c, next must be b or c, if b can be a or b c or if an a then a or b.

stick to the same letter

shade d

I can usually eliminate one of the responses…